Wafflemeister Waffles: Your healthier dessert choice
Classic Liege Made Sweeter by Sugar Pearls

The Liege waffle is a fine example of life’s culinary wonders. It is considered to be superior to its cousin, the regular variety. Why wouldn’t it be when it is known for its richness and intensity of flavour that few others could match or even approach? There is no way that you could get back to ordinary waffles after you enjoy a taste of this one, that’s for sure.

The Secret: Pearl Sugar

If you want to know the true secret of why liege waffles are as delicious as they are, the secret is in these two words: pearl sugar. It is one of two key ingredients to the famous waffle, the other being yeasted waffle batter. But it is the pearl sugar that truly makes it more special and elevates it to a whole new level of palatability.

This special kind of sugar comes from refined white sugar. It is hard and coarse, and it does not melt as regularly as the regular kind does and is produced when white sugar blocks are crushed and then sifted to get the fragments.

When did it become the most important component of the famous waffles? While there is no clear timescale for when it actually happened, it is not too farfetched to think that it started just after liege waffles were first created. This was in the 18th century, when a chef for the Prince-Bishop of Liege invented it, so we have him to thank for the culinary masterpieces we can enjoy today.

To sample and savour just how delectable a liege waffle is, you can enjoy it from one of the finest waffle houses in London (or any city in the UK!) – that’s us at Wafflemeister.

If you happen to be far from London and suddenly feel the craving, then all you need to do is to order your waffles online! Let us know if you feel the same way about these awesome treats.

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