It’s Time to Stop Waffling and Start Eating!

James Tsim of Imperical College, London sat down for a chat with Alex Troullier, the CEO of Wafflemeister. Of course he needed to have a taste of the famous waffles!  You can read his featured interview here.

Wafflemeister is not an ordinary waffle shop by any means. We take great pride in being able to provide high quality, fresh, and great tasting products that do not contain artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, and GM ingredients.

This waffle shop is all about delivering top quality waffles and we have this promise to all of our customers. “It takes a lot of hard work dedication, and continuous training to become a Meister,” Alex reminds us. Aside from that, we’re helped by our secret Belgian recipe that dates back to the 1950s.

That secret recipe produces freshly made Belgian waffles that have a range of toppings, from Belgian chocolate and freshly whipped cream to natural gelato with fresh fruit.

Alex went into retail while working on his MBA and started the Belgian Food Company (BFC). After graduating, he sold the business and went into finance for the next decade. He later decided to buy back BFC from its owners and worked hard to revamp and reposition it within the market space. It was his belief that the important factors in his business were to focus on homemade, handmade waffles that use natural ingredients. It was a redesigning and rebranding strategy that has paid off.

Alex further mentions that he has always had a passion for good tasting food, be it savoury or dessert. When he started the business, there really wasn’t much of a choice other than the typical sandwich bar or maybe a crepe shop every so often.

Even today, there isn’t anyone else who does great waffles and has made their brand synonymous with the iconic dessert – at least not yet! His vision is that when people think of waffles, they’ll think of us at Wafflemeister.

We have already built a reputation as the best waffle house not just in London but in all of the UK. It is our belief that we are on our way to becoming one of the top food franchises in the UK and beyond. The Wafflemeister brand is already going global steadily as we’ve opened several outlets in the Middle East and Asia in recent years. We’re simply motivated by the thought of all of our customers getting to enjoy great tasting and freshly made desserts in a fun and friendly environment, and we passionately believe this experience needs to be shared further.

The menu that we offer is filled with American and European favourites, based primarily on our handmade Belgian Liege waffles that have made us famous. So if you are in London or anywhere else in the UK, you can enjoy one of the best dessert delivery services in the country right here. Many people in the UK may not even know it’s possible to order waffles online, but most of our customers never look back once they’ve started – we look forward to you joining them!

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