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Trends Indicate UK Foodservice Sector to Grow by £ 10 bn by 2019

The foodservice sector in the UK is expected to grow to £56.3 bn by 2019, which is an increase of £10 bn. Horizon made the forecast and added that several smaller brands will expand to become high street chains by that time.

Peter Backman, the company’s managing director, said at their recent annual briefing that group operators would continue driving market growth. Coffee shops, pizza delivery outlets, and pub restaurant chains are some of the biggest of those group operators.

He added that it is great news for the eating out sector, since it is experiencing better growth since before the economy went down. During the past year, spending on an average three- course meal has gone up. It is now at £ 14.48, while people in the 35-44 year old range are now eating out more than ever before.

Trends that cater to health and well being considerations were also noticed. Conversely, a trend for more indulgent dishes was also observed. Alex Trouillier, our founder at Wafflemeister, believes that consumers’ craving for sugar is not going away. At present we have 13 outlets, and we are very active in expanding through franchise partners.

Alex explained that our use of freshly baked waffles has been deliberate. It was intended to cater to those consumers who desire to treat themselves, but through an intelligent and low calorie choice. Our Belgian waffles are, after all, among the best in the UK!

At the end of Horizon’s briefing, Backman reminded operators that it is important for them to stay ahead of dining trends. He mentioned how they need to keep in touch with the way people are eating out now and the products that they want. He added that the market is changing all the time and if you don’t offer them want they want, someone else will.

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