Wafflemeister’s Expansion Plans Continue!
Wafflemeister’s Expansion Plans Continue!

Growth and expansion is the dream of any company, and at Wafflemeister we are continuing to turn our plans into reality. The last 12 months have been a success for us with the opening of a new sites at Liverpool Street Station, Kingston, Westfield Stratford and Seef Mall in Bahrain and many more exciting additions are in the pipeline. A new beginning was also marked with the opening of the training academy at our flagship site in Kingston in south west London.

Our total number of stores continues to grow and we expect to have 18 by year end. Of those, 7 are in the UK’s capital, 3 in the United Arab Emirates, soon to be 3 each in Qatar and Bahrain, and 2 in Malaysia. They are to be located in malls, airports, similar busy locations so we can bring amazing waffles and desserts to you wherever you are!

Outside the countries already mentioned, there are also prospects elsewhere. While there are already 3 franchises located in Abu Dhabi, there is also the possibility of more opening in the UEA. Other possible locations are Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India and there have been discussions about the prospect of having sites in the United States as well.

Another area of the company that has grown considerably is online ordering. It was soft launched near the end of last year, and has since become a major part of the famous Wafflemeister experience. The great thing about online ordering is the convenience that it brings to our customers, so you don’t even need to find one of our new shops. You can enjoy our waffle delivery anywhere in the UK – simply go online and have your desserts delivered straight to you.

We are known as one of the finest waffle houses not only in London but throughout the UK and beyond. Our customers enjoy our great tasting and freshly prepared waffles in an environment that’s full of fun and friendliness. We offer a menu that’s filled with European and American favourites including our famous handmade Belgian Liege waffles – if you still haven’t tried them, look out for one of our Wafflemeister stalls or head straight to our online orders page!

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