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500 Terry Francine Street San Francisco, CA 94158  |  Daily 8AM-10PM  


We make authentic
Belgian waffles

We make our waffles with dough, not batter (or potato!), with our secret family recipe and the finest ingredients. Our Meisters skilfully prepare and bake them to a deliciously crisp and slightly chewy treat, filled with pops of crunchy pearl sugar.

The main attraction? Waffles!

We first started delighting customers with our waffles at our eateries at the UK's leading visitor attractions, helping to make a fun family day out a little more special. People loved the Wafflemeister experience so much they would ask how they could recreate the fun at home. So we created a range of waffles everyone can enjoy, anywhere, at any time.

A waffle experience like no other

Now you can enjoy our waffles at our countrywide eateries or in the comfort of your own home. The incredible aroma of warm dough and caramelising pearls of sugar, baked for the perfect amount of time in the waffle iron or toaster. Add fruit, chocolate, gelato toppings or savoury toppings to brighten up any meal or snack time.


We want to share the joy of waffles with everyone. They’re not only delicious eaten on their own, but endlessly versatile with unlimited possibilities for weird and wonderful toppings. Let your imagination run free!

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